LA-AD-028 ADSS Medium Span ~288F


Loose Tube / Gel-Filled / All Dielectric
Double Jacket None Armored Optical Fiber Cable

Lexington Ames LA-ADSS-028 series for standard medium-span has been engineered for standing the America’s toughest weather conditions. The LA-ADSS-028 cable is ideal for the routes with 400 feet maximum span under NESC-Heavy condition or 800 feet under NESC-Light condition. Download the spec sheet to find more details on sag and tension information.

The PBT loose tube and the Medium Density Polyethylene jacket provide flexibility in handling yet solid protection of the core glasses from UV and other outside forces.

Standards and Certifications

ITU-T G.650. G.652.D. IEC 60793, 60794. IEEE 1222. RUS 7 CFR 1755. ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001. TIA-598-D. GR-20 (glass)


The cable core consists of color coded fibers, Thixotropic jelly compound, dry water swellable material, color coded PP loose tubes, PE filler (if necessary), SZ-stranded around the FRP central strength member with water blocking yarn(s).

The cable structure is completed by the application of a core wrapping tape, inner MDPE jacket and aramid yarn, which with the core, are covered by an outer MDPE jacket.

Optical Characteristics

Type of FiberG.652D
Mode Field Diameter @1310nmμm9.2 ± 0.4
Mode Field Concentricity Errorμm≤ 1.0
Cladding Diameterμm125 ± 1.0
Cladding Non-circularity%≤ 1.0
Transmission wavelengthnm1310, 1550
Attenuation (Max. 144C)dB/km≤ 0.35 @ 1310 nm
≤ 0.25 @ 1550 nm


Fiber CountTube CountDiameter (inch)Weight (lbs/ft)
up to 7260.425 (10.8mm)60 (89kg/km)
9680.476 (12.1mm)76 (113kg/km)
144120.591 (15.0mm)115 (171kg/km)
192-21618 (6+12)0.614 (15.6mm)116 (172kg/km)
28824 (9+15)0.693 (17.6mm)152 (226kg/km)

Sag and Tension

NESC Light Load

No. of fibersMax. Span (ft)Initial sag (%)Initial Tension (lb)Loaded Sag (%) Max. Loaded Tension (lb) 
12-72794 (242m)1.5396 (179kgf)3.71011 (459kgf)
96728 (222m)1.5461 (209kgf)3.51075 (488kgf)
144679 (207m)1.5652 (296kgf)3.31303 (591kgf)
192-216679 (207m)1.5655 (297kgf)3.31318 (598kgf)
288646 (197m)1.5821 (372kgf)3.21503 (682kgf)

NESC Medium Load

No. of fibersMax. Span (ft)Initial sag (%)Initial Tension (lb)Loaded Sag (%)Max. Loaded Tension (lb) 
12-72663 (202m)1.5330 (150kgf)3.81008 (457kgf)
96630 (192m)1.5399 (181kgf)3.71075 (488kgf)
144614 (187m)1.5589 (267kgf)3.41300 (590kgf)
192-216614 (187m)1.5592 (268kgf)3.41305 (592kgf)
288597 (182m)1.5758 (344kgf)3.31434 (678kgf)

NESC Heavy Load

No. of fibers Max. Span (ft)Initial sag (%) Initial Tension (lb)   Loaded Sag (%) Max. Loaded Tension (lb)  
12-72400 (122m)1.5199 (90kgf)4.11004 (455kgf)
96400 (122m)1.5253 (115kgf)4.01089 (494kgf)
144400 (122m)1.5385 (174kgf)3.81295 (587kgf)
192-216400 (122m)1.5386 (175kgf)3.81299 (589kgf)
288400 (122m)1.5508 (231kgf)3.71478 (670kgf)