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Global and North American Standards

Lexington Ames strives to provide the highest quality optical and mechanical products deployed by North American fiber providers.  We meet all GR-20 certifications for glass fiber and adhere to various cable specifications of the North American market. Lexington Ames’ loose tube fiber is designed with soft Poly-Propylene tubes and the flexible Medium Density Poly-Ethylene jackets.

Strengths of Lexington Ames Cables

Manufacturer direct bulk pricing

10%+ lower than major brand cables supplied by other distributors

Shorter lead time

historically, steady 8~10 weeks from factory to the site, dropship delivery

RUS Compliant

Supply bulk fiber for RUS, RDOF, CARES act and other federal and state sponsored stimulus programs

Proven quality

Users include all major Korean telos and several North American users

Origin of glass fiber

GR-20 certified Manufacturers from South Korea

Customer services

US-based customer support