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Our Products

Lexington Ames offers the flat and round indoor/outdoor drop cables with a toneable option that are economical yet fully equivalent to the existing cables in its characteristics.

Various drop cable types include:
Flat loose tube drop cables up to 12 count with toneable option, Pushable/Blowable loose tube drop cables up to 24 count, Flame-retardant double jacket tight-buffered drop cable, steel-wire armored drop cable up to 24 count.

These are indoor/outdoor rated fiber optic distribution cable intended for long distance runs at high speeds. Our distribution cables are composed of 2~24 single mode fibers (9 micron core) inside a water blocking (Aramid) yarn wrapped in a outer jacket. Single mode fiber is optimized to work with fiber optic equipment using light wave lengths of 1310nm or 1550nm. The cladding diameter is 125 microns. The core and cladding of our black bulk indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable is constructed using a high quality single mode fiber that is ITU-T G.652.D compliant and backwards 100% compatible with other legacy single mode fibers.

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